Foreign Branch



In order to better satisfy a growing number of orders on the national and international market, Stefal has long been developing its activities in synergy
with Sima, a company situated in Hammamet, Tunisia, which operates exclusively for Stefal.

Inside of the 2,500 m² Tunisian production plant, 170 people work everyday in the production and quality control of Stefal products.

Foreign production is planned and monitored on-line from Italy through a joint management system common to both our establishments: Stefal management staff
receives data in real time and can constantly monitor the progress of production processes. The same can be said for machine maintenance. All machines used are property of Stefal and they are monitored on a monthly basis by the Italian maintenance department-head who travels to Tunisia in person to perform routine maintenance and program any special repairs that may be needed.


Raw materials are purchased by Stefal and sent to our foreign branch on a weekly basis. Wire cutting, crimping, assembly, and product testing are mainly
carried out at our foreign branch, while final checks and packaging are performed in Stefal headquarters according to the procurement agreement made with
each individual client.

Finished products are sent from Tunisia to Italy each week. All arriving and departing materials are identified through a bar code which precisely indicates package contents and quantities.

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