Quality is not just an abstract term for Stefal – it is an operative principle of dedication, productivity, and high performance shared by all Stefal staff members.

Stefal has always been dedicated to guaranteeing the highest quality in all processes, technology, products and services offered to its clients through an advanced Quality System. This system is the company’s true strategy at the basis of every relationship with customer companies, partners, and suppliers.

This approach is evident in every aspect of our production activity and can be broken down into:

  • Creation of company value through sustained market competitiveness void of waste or excessive costs;
  • Consolidation of its economic and structural stability in order to guarantee work and wellbeing within the social fabric in which the company itself is a part;
  • Respect and on-the-job safety, thanks to a continuous investment in training and safety for its staff members;
  • Customer satisfaction, through the creation of a product which fully corresponds to the quality, performance, and reliability that customers demand.