In response to increasing market demands regarding the quality and safety of products, Stefal’s Quality System was certified as being in conformity with ISO 9002-94 standards in December 1996, and with ISO 9001-2000 standards in the year 2003.
Our certification as UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 compliant was completed during the first few months of 2009.


In 2012, Stefal was awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certification: the company’s activities are considered to be perfectly integrated and sustainable, and in compliance with all pertinent European and Italian laws and regulations.

Certificazione_ ISO14001

Environmental safeguarding is guaranteed by the identification and monitoring of the environmental impact of the company’s activities, products, and services. We have also introduced separate receptacles for the collection of recyclable waste such as plastic, paper, and copper; while waste collection is recorded in company records and managed by companies authorized In waste-removal.

Our environmental policy is an integral part of our philosophy. REACH and RoHS declarations are furnished to our clients through BOM check and IMDS systems.

In order to satisfy new market requests and fully embrace the latest green policies, Stefal also supplies PVC-free and Halogen-free cables. Upon request, we also produce electrical wires with international plugs made with Halogen-free and other approved conforming materials to the European market.

Some examples of halogen-free “green” wiring:

  • Style 10368 wire – in alternative to the PVC style 1007/1569 (105°)
  • Style 3385/3386 wire – in alternative to the PVC style 1015 (105°)
  • Style3266/3289 wire – in alternative to the 125°/150° wire
  • Thermal limiter outer casing (105°)


Stefal further improved the level of service we offer by obtaining UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) certification (March 2010) for the supply of cables made in conformity with the ZPFW-2 norm. We can provide these cables at our customer’s request.