Methodology, Technology, and Testing


Guaranteeing the features not only of its final product but of its entire company structure is what is at the basis of Stefal’s Quality System: all processes are well planned, monitored, and documented, through the application of the most efficient and avant-guard technologies. In this way, not only the quality of our final product is guaranteed, but so is the traceability of the entire productive cycle, as well as our respect for the specific requests of our clients in terms of service, monitoring, and delivery.

Beyond this, the company utilizes the well-known and highly tested methods adopted by its clients in the most demanding productive sectors, such as food
production, the automotive industry, and the electro-medical sector. These methods further guarantee the quality of the products and services offered by

  • FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis), used in the automotive industry;
  • Sampling procedures following Mil.Std 105 D or UNI ISO 2859 standards or those defined specifically with our clients;
  • Co-designs following the Quality functions defined by our clients for testing and monitoring methods and processes.