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Optimising time to improve performance

Stefal’s name is a guarantee: we take the utmost care in planning projects, investing in state-of-the-art technology, meeting customer requirements and monitoring the production cycle.

The company’s automation inventory includes 20 automatic cutting-stripping-crimping machines and 7 automated lines for cutting multipolar cables of all types. The company’s unrivalled competitiveness in the technological field allows it to work on small to medium-sized products, a service that few companies nationwide can afford to offer.

While one part of the machinery is dedicated to working on medium-sized cables, another, characterised by high precision, is dedicated to the production of smaller, more specific items. This makes it easier for us to work with manufacturers who expect certain customisations for a particular type of production: software checks on performance and output, integrated with a production check-up via automatic systems, allows our operators to provide useful information for the customer in real time.

Constant maintenance of all equipment guarantees continuity and high-level performance.

Already equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, the department expects to double its potential within a few years, with the aim of automating any process.

For these projects, our company has realised that it will need to work in new premises: looking to the future, the company will invest its resources in the construction of a new building.

Our flagship machines


Automatic cutting – stripping – crimping machines


Lines with automatic multipolar cable cutting machines


Manual benchtop crimping machines


Automatic benchtop cutting – stripping – crimping machines


Semi-automatic machine for machining RAST connectors

Cut, strip and crimp

WIRMEC AM460 SINTESI automatic machine

Automatic machine for cutting multipolar cables


Machine for marking connectors and sheaths

WEIDENBACH marking machine

Semi-automatic machine for machining RAST IDC “2.5” and “2.5 ENERGY” pitch connectors

Inarca WBM50

For electrical continuity testing

WK250 Weetech Tester

To carry out a visual check of the quality of the crimping when positioning the machine


If you have come this far and you are wondering where we started from, we have the answer you are looking for.