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The journey together starts here

Through a comprehensive service, which starts with the definition of the project, focusing on the selection of the best materials followed up by guaranteed after-sales customer support, Stefal strives to constantly offer the best product quality and expert service.

The constant collaboration between the design office and the operating staff guarantees immediate and effective solutions to any problems that may arise from a design or practical point of view. Thanks to this, we have transformed the word quality from a dream to a reality.

Our services cover all-round support:


Stefal’s technical department is staffed by experts who can support any company wishing to take part in the engineering phase of a new product.

Investments have been made in Research & Development projects, commissioned directly by companies, in order to increase the demand for cooperation: starting with samples sent in by customers, technical requirements and the best solutions are analysed in order to draw up the necessary documentation and proceed with production. We place the skills of our experts at the disposal of our customers every day to identify the right product and the specific need it has to meet.

We support the entire product production process: design, definition of the best technical solutions and specifications, production, investment optimisation and support, including post-sales.

Prototypes and initial productions are presented quickly, in the relevant company departments: this service strives to meet customer expectations and the company always lives up to the highest demands. The processes are properly planned, controlled and documented, thanks to cooperation between the various departments and the application of state-of-the-art technology.


Service and product improvement

The entire company structure works as a team to guarantee the excellent quality of the finished product, the traceability of the entire production cycle and compliance with customer specifications. Willingness to constantly embrace new challenges leads this company to be highly competitive on the market, thanks to high-performance products.

New is the key word: thanks to constant training programmes and industry research, new components, new materials and new resources increase the quality of the company’s technical, quality and economic profile. The aim is to identify the ideal solution in the shortest possible time and guarantee an efficient service to the companies with which we work.

When we talk about quality...

It is not just a concept, it is a principle, shared by the entire team, a promise to pursue efficiency, commitment and maximum performance by every member of the company, in the interests of our business.

Stefal’s corporate strategy guarantees quality in the processes, technology and services offered as the fundamental basis of the relationship with each customer, stakeholder and supplier.

This results in a system of objectives which we are committed to consolidating everyday

Economic and organisational stability consolidated through care for work and social well-being within the company environment

Investment in training and safety for our employees

Customer satisfaction through the production of a product that meets the required quality and reliability requirements

High levels of competitiveness on the market

The path we have followed for the continuous improvement of our values does not end here