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Together in a GREENER perspective

To pursue the goal of maximum safety and environmental protection on the one hand, and customer satisfaction on the other, we are investing time and resources in becoming energy self-sufficient. Among the future projects scheduled for the short term, we plan to build solar panels capable of generating approximately 100 kilowatts of energy.

From the point of view of sustainability, our certifications are part of our ongoing transformation process. Among the most important ones, we can mention the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, which we obtained in 2012.

The document certifies that Stefal’s progress management complies with national regulations concerning respect for the environment. In fact, if requested, we can assist our customers in choosing and supplying green, halogen-free cables, helping them to reduce their consumption of natural resources and to put in place sound and appropriate procedures to ensure ongoing commitment to this area.

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Modular efficient warehousing

To ensure greater safety at work, coupled with maintaining a smooth product tracking flow, we have partnered with Modula to take advantage of on-site vertical warehouses. These allow us to dispense with racking, ladders and forklifts, limiting possible accidents at work as well as auditing errors in the production management system. In fact, the type of storage organisation in question facilitates warehouse operations by helping to save space, speeding up the retrieval of materials, eliminating picking errors, and ensuring protection of our operators at work.

Safety, evolution and simple management are the key words that unite Stefal with the tools it has at its everyday disposal to better organise its work and safeguard its staff.

We have also moved in the direction of facilitating the handling of light loads: our Research & Development department designs and provides customised services to companies in terms of production and logistics.

Rievo: Advanced Industrial Research

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Rievo was established in 2018 as the Research & Development Division of the Stefal s.r.l. group.

The aim was to design and provide customised services to companies to deal with production and logistics aspects and enhance their workflow.

The team of experts is highly qualified and carefully selected: the design office works closely with the operating staff to analyse the problems presented from a conceptual and practical point of view, creating ideal solutions using high quality products.

In addition to the production of lifts, to which we apply the necessary customisation, the department also carries out function tests on prototypes. The Evo range, in particular, is designed to meet the needs of companies, for handling light loads simplyquickly and safely: an unrivalled, essential and manageable product range.

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