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A story with a happy ending

Once upon a time … That is how every good story starts, and when we tell ours, we like to do so from the beginning: this is to give you an insight into the foundations of the company and to understand the philosophy that characterises our everyday business.

A name, a guarantee

Stefal operates in the electrical wiring and electromechanical assembly division for a variety of market sectors. The main sectors include: professional catering equipment, industrial vehicles, lifting equipment, power electronics and automation.

Flexibility and Dynamism are the values that set us apart, allowing us to grow steadily, year after year, within a constantly evolving sector.


People in Italy
Years of experience
Collaborators in Tunisia
Mq of the Italian headquarters

Today, the company is a reliable industrial enterprise, an invaluable partner for the companies with which it collaborates: we support the customer at every stage of the production process thanks to our experienced staff prepared to meet every need. Our technical department is able to design and develop any type of wiring, working with the customer or in complete autonomy, in full compliance with the regulations in force in the various sectors.

What differentiates us?


Our team of experts possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee an excellent service for the customer


We respond to the specific needs of our customers with product customisation on request

Precision and attention to detail

We are able to work with precision on medium and small sized wiring harnesses


We are constantly researching and evolving towards the future

Attenzione al Cliente

For us it is important to support the companies we work with before, during and after the production process


We value and treasure our company’s past because it has made us what we are today


We respond to the needs of the many different sectors with which we work


Our products are designed and manufactured using top quality raw materials and efficient workmanship

Stefal works hard every day to meet your needs with a wide and varied product range

Beyond territorial borders

In response to the ever-increasing demands of the domestic and international markets, our company has been working for some time with ECS, a company based in Hammamet, Tunisia, which operates exclusively for Stefal.

There are 270 people employed at the plant in the production and quality control departments, with more than 10 automatic machines on which both routine and extraordinary maintenance is carried out on site every month.

The two companies are pursuing a path of growth, research and production monitoring: the common goal of working together to produce products that are always reliable and competitive, unites paths and destinations, guaranteeing optimum results for both of them.

Happily ever after

Stefal is a company that is constantly evolving: we are a large family projecting its work towards always new horizons, transforming every goal achieved into a new departure.

The production process for electrical wiring begins manually. The craft component becomes part of a production chain that later leads to automation. Our company constantly invests time and resources to further optimise this last phase and make productivity as efficient and profitable as possible, doubling means of production and, therefore, results.


Customer satisfaction


High quality products


Evolution and progress


Competitive market solutions


Safety and Environmental Protection


Technological Innovation

Find out what we can guarantee you every day

Certified safety

From our point of view, it is important to offer a service in full compliance with current regulations, safeguarding the environment and health, so that we always operate in the best possible way for our customers and employees.

To support this, we have obtained certifications that enhance the value of our products:

the organisational model for improving business processes

this concerns the organisation of business processes to meet the requirements of national and EU regulations regarding respect for and protection of the Environment. Operating in the sector with a perfectly integrated and sustainable method, Stefal is committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources as well as the impact of company processes on the local Environment

since March 2010 we have improved our service level to provide, at the customer's request and with type approval from UL, wiring harnesses manufactured in accordance with the ZPFW-2 standard

limits the content of certain harmful compounds and allows better disposal of electronic components

to guarantee to guarantee the safety of all substances used during the production process